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Plus healthcare clinics

Plus Care

Got a sweet tooth for savings?

Save 10-40%† on dental care.

Plus Care Clinics

Our Approach

We are a community of well-trained specialists and highly experienced dentists with the aim to provide quality dental healthcare. Let us help you connect with one of our best dental clinics near you to meet your needs. Click book an appointment 

Services available

  • Plus Care

    Plan for Preventive Oral care
    Valid for one year
    • Online consultation
    • Dental Cleaning and Scaling
    • Consultation
    • Dental Implant Consultation
  • Plus Advantage

    Plus Dental Cover for an Individual
    Valid for one year
    • 4 Dental Consultations @ Clinic
    • Free Online Consultations
    • Full Mouth Oral Prophylaxis twice
    • 10% Discount Orthodontic treatment
    • 10% Discount Implantology Procedures
    • 20% Discount General Dentistry Procedures
    • Electronic Health Records access
    • Free Unlimited X-rays
    • Orthopantomographs
  • Plus Family

    Plan for Family Oral health Care
    Valid for one year
    • Unlimited online Consultations
    • 4 Consultations for Each family member
    • Two Oral Prophylaxis
    • 20% Discount on General Dental treatments
    • 10% discount on Orthodontic treatments
    • 10% Discount on Implantology treatments
    • Electronic health Records access
    • 24/7 CRM support
    • Free Unlimited X-rays
    • Orthopantomographs
  • Senior Citizen Plus

    Plan for senior citizens
    Free Plan
    • Unlimited Online Consultations
    • Free Denture Consultations
    • Free Denture Repairs
    • Free Implantology Consultation
  • Women Plus

    Valid for one year


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    New delhi, India


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